Some days you have a weird moment of clarity and ask yourself just what the fuck you’ve been doing for the last two months.

(At least they’re not Untitled-1(1-26).psd)

puppy dog eyes mean walk-time at three in the morning. okay.

dancin’ all night~

Somebody asked for “Buff Latino girl with a huge scar over here right eye” - kinda looks like an MMA fighter or something.

Hey, you - internet, miscellaneous followers - gimme characters to draw! These aren’t commissions - I make no promises of timeliness or quality, and I ask that you have no expectations of either. For the purposes of practicing figure drawing, all the substantive work is done in the first couple minutes or so; hence, all of these weird naked mannequin people. It would be nice for at least some of these drawings to have a chance of entertaining something other than my own whimsy. 

Someone asked for “Sam” from Princess Mononoke,so I figured this was probably close enough.

New tablet! Now to spend all of my time making sure it’s not wasted on me.