araiia araiia

Turns out I don’t actually like using Cintiqs. Long live Intuos! 


Top Ten Games:

1-10. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Gamecube)

Top Ten Games (The Dishonest List - The One That Only Exists Because Square Stopped Making Perfect Games Like The One Above And Instead Steered Their Whole Bloated Edifice, Overweight And Wheezing, Into A World Filled With Stupid Bullshit):

1. Goof Troop (SNES) (Without a hint of sarcasm or insincerity)

2. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and related expansions (PC)

3. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II (Gamecube)

4. Halo Series

5. Earthbound (SNES)

6. Guild Wars Series (Proph through EotN, GW2)

7. Super Smash Bros. Series

8. Titanfall

9. Tribes

10. Pokemon Series (All colors and spinoffs)

Anyone who ever said that the most rewarding part of cooking is watching others enjoy your food is a liar - the best part of cooking is tearing into your own work like a starved animal unsure it will ever feed again.